PeopleSense™ Foundation is a private Canadian foundation that funds and supports charitable organizations actively working to improve the lives and futures of women and girls globally by funding education, health and human rights initiatives. We support the global community of women working towards a better world for women and girls.



The Foundation funds organizations and projects that focus on helping women and girls:
  1. Overcome violence and exploitation;
  2. Receive education, training, leadership skills and development;
  3. Receive quality health care including reproductive and maternal assistance to reduce mother and child mortality and reduce and/or repair obstetrical fistulas;
  4. Amplify women and girls' voices so that their life experiences and stories may be told and heard to engender positive social change and equality.


PeopleSense™ Foundation was founded in 2011 by high tech entrepreneur, university educator and philanthropist, Marcia Cardamore. Marcia has worked concurrently at the University of Toronto (ranked 11th top university in the world) teaching organizational behavior, change and development, as a Professor of Business at Ryerson University and a business executive building and managing a number of highly successful consulting and software businesses.  Marcia holds degrees in Psychology and I.R. and acts as an adviser as well as committee, board member and chair to a number of organizations in the profit and not-for-profit sectors.  Her interests with respect to advancing the lives and futures of women and girls globally focus on systemic change for women and girls with respect to human rights and social justice as well as access to reproductive education and healthcare.

"There is no greater imperative facing the world today than the alleviation of pain, suffering and persecution of women and girls and the inclusion of women within the global community as leaders who can help heal the world." ~ Marcia Cardamore, Executive Director