Projects/Partnerships – Current

Everywoman Everywhere Coalition – International
(501c3 funded through CAF Canada; Registration.: 801966334RR0001)

equalityeffectvictoryThe Everywoman Everywhere Coalition consists of over 580 organizations and over 1300 survivors, women’s rights activists, scholars, and concerned citizens from more than 140 countries who are working together to realize an international treaty on violence against women and girls.

Everywoman Everywhere is a grassroots-up campaign for a universal legal tool that empowers every woman and girl with legal remedies should her rights to personal security be violated. The goal of such an instrument is to move VAWG from soft law or no law into a comprehensive, specific, legally binding instrument that establishes global minimal norms and standards to outlaw VAWG with monitoring, evaluation, and implementation mechanisms and a clear structure for states to track progress as well as establishing the funds to address VAWG.

In 2018 PeopleSense joined the Board of Everywoman Everywhere.


The Match International Women’s Fund – International
(Registration no.: 123037939RR0001)

matchlogoFor nearly 40 years Match provided funds in support of women’s rights in the global south primarily through the assistance of Canadian government funding. In 2011 the organization along with other charities was no longer being funded in any significant manner. To revitalize and refocus the fund a renewed initiative to garner wider public support was pursued. Commencing in 2013, PeopleSense became a Founding Member, joining the granting advisory committee and the board and Chairing the Fund Development Committee. Today PeopleSense continues as a major donor, sitting on the board and Chairing the Operations Committee. The fund to date has forged more than 650 partnerships with grassroots women’s groups in over 71 countries throughout the global south. Much of what the women’s rights activists are addressing includes gender and LGBTQ violence.


Canadian Women’s Foundation – Canada
(Registration no.: 129855607RR0001)

PeopleSense™ Foundation supports the 10th largest women’s fund in the world: the Canadian Women’s Foundation by providing substantial funding to their violence prevention work in Canada  and annually engaging as one of many experts and advisers in the allocation of significant multi-year grants to groundbreaking initiatives in Canada that help women and their children rebuild their lives after abuse,  teach male and female teens about healthy relationships and counsel children who have witnessed violence, to help them heal and prevent the cycle of abuse from continuing.  PeopleSense™ is especially proud to support those organizations dealing with the disturbing and unresolved disappearance and murder of hundreds of women, mostly aboriginal, along BC Highway 16:  “The Highway of Tears”. In 2016 PeopleSense was appointed to the first ever Trafficking Advisory charged with the responsibility of allocating grants across Canada to address trafficking.


Women Moving Millions – International
(501c3 funded through Place2Give; Registration no.:833678840RR0001)

wmmLogoWomen Moving Millions’ mission is to catalyze unprecedented resources toward the advancement of women and girls. As a growing global philanthropic community of 290 members in 14 countries, each of it’s members has given and/or pledged $1 million or more to organizations or initiatives (of their choosing) that benefit women and girls.

PeopleSense’s Executive Director was the Chair Violence Against Women and Girls Circle(2016-18) assuming a leadership position among a group of experienced and dedicated change makers. In 2017-18 Marcia also sat on the WMM Leadership Curriculum Task Force intended to provide a deep dive educational experience to it’s members in effective philanthropy benefiting women and girls.


Projects/Partnerships – Completed

Constitutional Challenge on behalf of little girls who had been raped – Kenya
(equality effect; Registration no.: 845378009RR0001)

equalityeffectvictoryOn May 27, 2013 legal history was made that has had a profound and positive impact on 10 million Kenyan girls. PeopleSense Foundation was the largest single contributor and a partner with the equality effect, an Adviser, Board Member and Chair of the Board. Through PeopleSense’s funding and active participation a successful constitutional challenge representing girl child rape victims was realized and access to justice no longer denied. By challenging the system to uphold the laws progress was made towards reversing the disturbing and rising frequency of sexual assault of girls and increased public awareness and engagement to safeguard and uphold girls’ human right to live free of violence.


Social Franchise Health Care Clinic – Honduras
(Population Services International funded through Canada Gives; Registration no.: 833062144RR0001)

954daf6dc224ec5081f3c48c0e4ae716Actively engaged in the design of a proof of concept and sole funder of a social franchising model to provide clinics for poor women for their reproductive health care, rape crisis and domestic violence in Tegucigalpa, Honduras: one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a girl or woman.


Radio programming on gender-based violence, sexual violence, maternal and reproductive health and women’s rights – Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
(AFEM & MAMA Radio funded through Match Reg #123037939RR0001)

Picture AFEM OKHighly successful radio programming with broad participation including field research interviews with Congolese women conducted by Congolese women journalists as well as articles posted on AFEM and Mama Radio websites .