PeopleSense™ Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding at this time.

 Our grantees are:

  • iStock_000013552352Largeprimarily and/or exclusively focused on women and/or girls
  • woman led at the director, board and staff levels
  • majority of people in the organization are women at the working and board levels
  • secular
  • smaller, 'grassroots' or mid-sized organizations that have current or potential capacity for long-term viability and positive impact
  • organizations in which overhead costs are minimized and not greater than 25% of the operating budget
  • not requesting funding for deficit or debt financing
  • not a government body or agency
  • a Canadian Registered Charity in good standing (as required by Revenue Canada)

PeopleSense™ Foundation provides funds to organizations and projects at the confluence of women/girls and positive environmental impact and sustainability.  We will not knowingly support situations in which the environment is compromised or denigrated in the process of helping women and girls.