PeopleSense Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited funding requests.


  • iStock_000013552352LargeFocus on systemic change that addresses violence against women and girls including LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC
  • Predominantly women led at the board, director and staff levels
  • Include men on the board and as staff members
  • Majority of people in the organization (board and staff) are women
  • Secular
  • Organizations with high potential for creating lasting positive change that addresses VAWG
  • Fiscally responsible and not requesting funding for a deficit or debt financing
  • Either a Canadian Registered Charity in good standing or represented in Canada by a Canadian Registered Charity in good standing.

PeopleSense Foundation, since 2011, has committed/deployed $2 million in funds to organizations and projects at the confluence of women/girls and positive environmental impact and sustainability. The Foundation will not knowingly support situations in which the environment is compromised or denigrated in the process of helping women and girls.